BoonSoh...say what?!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my site.

So, why BoonSoh? It’s actually a Filipino word to describe the youngest sibling in a family. That’s me. =)

However, in Filipino, it’s spelled Bunso. I decided to spell it phoenetically to help you pronounce the word.

I also spelled it this way to describe the mission of the site. Our world is riddled with negativity nowadays. Everything is heavy. I am not discounting serious problems of the world we live in. We do have a lot and we need to solve them.

I think there is also a need for hope and for levity. Kind of seeing the glass half full. For this type of optimism drives progress. It helps the next generation and the current generation believe the things are possible...that you’ll dig because you believe that there is gold out there.

What does this have to do with BoonSoh, you ask? Well, it’s sort a play with words. As I mentioned, BoonSoh = Bunso = Youngest in the family. BoonSoh also equals Boon and SOH.

Boon means something helpful or beneficial. SOH is an urban acronym for Sense of Humor. And, although I am not a comedian, I would want to inject light-heartedness into your lives by bringing you positive articles and news that, hopefully, will be helpful to you...and...maybe to the world.

Welcome! Happy reading!